Meeting Rooms for Rent

Trial lawyers who work out of downtown offices in Tampa may find themselves scrambling to commute between the office and the courtroom downtown, particularly during busy trial lunch breaks when every moment counts.

With Tampa Office Spaces in downtown Tampa, you can establish a home base just steps away from the courtroom and downtown offices in our meeting rooms and conference rooms for rent Tampa. Our rooms are available on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, allowing you the flexibility to manage major trial cases from a satellite office that is fully furnished and outfitted with the latest technology.

Conference Meeting Room

Why Choose Our Conference Rooms for Rent Tampa?

When it comes to location, few venues can provide the convenience of Tampa Office Spaces. Only moments away from the courtroom, you will find a private, technology-enhanced space that surpasses the capacity of any hotel room or non-specialized office facilities. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do from our conference rooms for rent in Tampa.

  • Establish your meeting space – You can ensure a smooth and successful trial when you have resources and personnel stationed nearby. In addition, you’ll be able to meet privately for quick strategy meetings during trial breaks.
  • Connect to the right equipment – Tampa Office Spaces specializes in law and business executive suites and meeting spaces, so we provide the right resources, furnishings, and connectivity to support your trial or business efforts.
  • High Speed WIFI included
  • Enhance your office lease – If you already rent an office suite with us, meeting rooms can offer you the flexibility to grow your business, meet with clients, or prepare for trials or meetings. Meeting rooms are equipped with multiple workstations, open areas, and conference tables to accommodate any of your practice’s special needs.
  • Across from Downtown Tampa Courthouse
  • Established Meeting Space
  • Connect to the Right Equipment (High Speed Wi-Fi)

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