Virtual Offices and Business Addresses in Tampa Florida

Virtual offices provide many solutions for a growing business. Working out of a home office can have the benefits of reduced overhead and added convenience, but it may be hard to maintain a professional image without dedicated Tampa, FL virtual office address and meeting space.

Sometimes, it may be unrealistic to factor an office lease into the budget for an up and coming startup business or small legal practice. Virtual offices in Tampa, Florida provide an affordable, simple solution that allows you to put forth a professional image without leasing your own office, which can be a waste of resources if most of your business is done online, by mail, over the phone or at client’s location.

At Tampa Office Spaces, we are here to serve you with virtual offices and extra services in downtown Tampa as well as customizable concierge services to boost your reputation among clients. We are Tampa’s elite virtual office location.

Virtual Office Package

  • Mail Receipt (Mailbox with suite address in Tampa Office Spaces)
  • Mail forwarding
  • Google or other VOIP phone services

$99.00 per month

What’s included in a virtual office package?

Business Identity Solutions has designed a virtual office package that can fit into any budget with a cost of just $99 per month plus a $50 set up fee that covers administrative, accounting, technical and furniture setup. Included in the monthly price is a strick mail receipt and forwarding, and Google Voice or other VOIP services—everything you need to create a business presence without leasing the physical office space.

Here’s a closer look at each of these services and their distinctive benefits for your business.

  • Mail receipt and forwarding – With your monthly virtual office lease, you will have a mailbox with the suite address at Business Identity Solutions. You can set up mail forwarding services from this mailbox for additional fees, depending on the services needed, so clients and vendors know where to send correspondence, but you can continue to receive mail from the convenience of home.
  • VOIP services – Whether you need to remotely connect with your team in another office, take client calls, or host meetings, you can rely on VOIP calls for a clear connection and flexibility. With VOIP services, you will have a number to give to clients, but you can take calls over your internet network for a more reliable connection when it matters most. All VOIP calling services are referred to outside vendors and not provided directly through Tampa Office Spaces.
  • Concierge services – If you need to create a more professional appearance or you want to make your business seem more established, our virtual office packages allow you to add on custom concierge services to give you the support staff you need without the added resources.

What are the benefits of virtual offices?

Virtual offices with Tampa Office Spaces do more than streamline your office services. Your business deserves a professional reputation and easy access for your clients, so call Tampa Office Spaces to get off to a better start.


Call for information on concierge services for custom needs and how we can better serve you. We can set up custom packages for your needs.

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